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Ren’e Wade       Camas, Washington              owns 10 Hackney Horses           OakBriar Hackney Park                                                                                           HH Stallion, brood mares & foals for sale  idrivehackneys@gmail.com                

Ok members.......... if you wish to be listed, send me your info please! WSHA MAIL

Jenni Hass           Wilton, California                    owns 3 Hackney Horses

Margo Hill           Everett, Washington              owns 5 Hackney Horses  2 pony     HH Stallion and foals for sale  aristocratsfarm@comcast.net

Randy Sorum & Eric Rosa    Olympia, Washington  owns 16 Hackney Horses       www.erosarabhacks.com                                                 HH Stallions, brood mares & foals for sale     info@erosarabhacks.com